Are there guaranteed prizes on




  • Heidi Conley

    I really enjoy your site. I won the first week that I started playing. Thank you ! Uwinit you are the best of the best. Kudos! 🤗😀😄😊😉 Your fan , Heidi Conley.

  • Elmore Trish527

    I have been playing Uwinit along with Winloot, SweepsKing, Rewardit, Prize Loot, Swipszilla and on and on. It is fun to play, but when you play every single day 7 days a week one thinks eventually they to will win. I have looked the #s of entries I have several times and its ridiculous. The emails are very misleading , and it looks like its a waste of time. I also question the # of winners in the st of In compared to .Cal.?? Its a huge difference. Again , I understand its a 50 / 50 if its actually legit , but again.... Should their not be some type of reward? The ones of us playing the games is the reason your company receives promotions if I'm not mistaken. Please correct me if I am wrong. And one other question, why such a time gap in prizes on some games?
    Thank you in advance
    " Still Tryin"
    The salty one
    Trisha E Indiana

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